Why I Love Shooting For Bloggers

Back before Instagram (do you even remember that time???), I would never have paid attention to a blogger. It was too much work to keep up with them, I didn't have the time to check in on their site all the time, there was too much to scroll through...the list goes on and on. Fast forward to July of 2011 when I downloaded the app and all of a sudden, it was much easier to keep track of all that was going on in their lives. Now with just a swish of my finger, I could keep up with the latest fashion trends, home decor, and more.

In the spring of 2017, I took a leap and reached out to a blogger that I followed, Kelsey, who is the brains behind the blog, On The Half Shell. I told her how much I loved her site and wanted to know if she would be interested in having me help her create more content for her blog. We met at Waterside in downtown Norfolk and really hit it off. Since then, I've shot countless sessions for her and love seeing all of her new outfits. 

Working with bloggers is a whole different ball game than shooting weddings, engagements or families. They come into the shoot knowing what they want, they come prepared with hats, shoes, accessories, and multiple changes of clothes. And even though people are always curious, they aren't afraid to strut their stuff in public for the sake of a good image. They typically have specific requests such as lots of vertical photos for better visibility on Pinterest, or "make sure you get a lot of these shoes because they are new!". But I love it! It is so refreshing to be able to focus all of my attention on shooting when the subject is comfortable and confident in front of the camera. 

And even though blog-tography isn't my main focus, I do enjoy a nice creative break every now and then! Scroll down to see some of the work that I have done for Kelsey of On The Half Shell, Kasey of The Kasey O, and Jenn of Hello Rigby. And if you are a blogger or know of a blogger in need of a photographer, feel free to reach out!

Brittany Sue Photo-121.jpg
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Charlotte Blog Photographer Brittany Sue Photo
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